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Welcome!  We are so excited to have you join us on this journey to learn more about neuromarketing and how effective a marketing strategy can be when you bring the right mix of science and creativity to the table.

Learn how to best engage the brain of your target audience.

Learn what the best mix should be on visuals, emotions and stories to help make your marketing remarkable.

Our course is full of practical activities and tips.

There are five modules in this course:

  • Module 1 - is focused on building your neuromarketing foundation
  • Module 2 - is focused on defining your target audience and introducing you to your client persona
  • Modules 3 to 5 - are focused on how to effectively engage and build lasting relationships with your marketing targets through the effective use of visuals, emotional marketing and storytelling.

By the end of the five modules you will have created your own neuromarketing strategy that is specific to your business, specific to your target audience and ready to implement.

Bonus! Neuromarketing tips and exercises are provided throughout the five modules. Ready to use so you can start implementing them right away in your business. Quizzes are used in each module to help you measure your success and improve retention. 

More good news!  This is a on demand course which means you can learn-at-your-own pace course. Go as quick or as slow as you like.  Complete all 5 modules and quizzes and earn your certificate.

Who this this course for? Entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers and professionals. This is cutting edge material backed by science. If you're interested in building a remarkable brand then this course is for you!

For only CAD $397 you can get started applying real scientific proven strategies to your business marketing strategy today. Even if you have no marketing experience you will benefit from this course.

What are you waiting for?

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